💡 JournoDAO is an Impact DAO focused on protecting democracy by combating disinformation through regenerative community journalism and initiatives to support journalists embracing decentralization. Ultimately, we envision our work as a tool of mass adaption of web3 technology at the community level around the country through large-scale, grassroots educational outreach.

JournoDAO’s initial Discord server was launched in November of 2021 and co-founder Eric Mack gave his first public presentation about JournoDAO and the mission at ETHDenver in 2022. We have a slow-growth, human-first approach to the building of our DAO and have created a solid community framework that allows us to mindfully expand while protecting the core team from the pitfalls of most DAO structures, such as an over-reliance on community-wide decentralized decision-making that hinders growth and a dependence on technological tools to handle human interactions.

We keep most of our daily decision making processes within the core founding team and will open larger decisions to traditional DAO voting mechanisms once we decide on a fair and equitable tokenization strategy for voting. We publish proposals to our forum site and open them up for offchain voting when the need arises.

We conduct weekly Town Halls that are open to the public and do bi-weekly Twitter Spaces that cover topics that are directly related to our mission. We also publish a newsletter to our subscriber’s list and our blog on a bi-weekly basis.

JournoDAO is registered as an C-Corp in Delaware and we anticipate adding a 501c3 nonprofit status in 2023-24 to open up more avenues of monetary support through media foundational grants, public goods initiatives and private donors. Our board of director roles are noted in each member’s bio along with a comprehensive list of our founding team’s reach throughout the Impact, ReFi, DeFi and DeSci DAO ecosystems.

JournoDAO has an active, yet small treasury which can be viewed here: 0xec8e47e050a122970cbb4baf44413f3f070b543d

Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 6.42.01 PM.png

We launched our Founder’s NFT this past summer to support our treasury. We have three initial collectors at 2 ETH. Our NFTs are built using Unlock Protocol so they function as a utility for future collector perks. Learn more about our Founding NFT here.

Our Founding Team can be reviewed here.

Our core initiatives for 2022-24 can be viewed here.