JournoDAO is comprised of a small, but dedicated group of former journalists and media producers looking to help solve systemic societal issues by restoring the news industry on the community level through decentralization. Our scope of journalism experience spans multiple decades and editorial genres. We are building our DAO from a “human-first” perspective ensuring that decision making is equitable yet efficient.

JournoDAO is registered as a C-Corp in Delaware and our board of director roles are noted next to each member’s name below along with a comprehensive list of our founding team’s reach throughout the Impact, ReFi, DeFi and DeSci DAO ecosystems.

JournoDAO has an active, yet small treasury which can be viewed here: 0xec8e47e050a122970cbb4baf44413f3f070b543d

We also have a multisig wallet deployed with all of the members listed below as signatories.

The Founding Members

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Eric Mack | Co-Founder & President | EricMack.ETH

Eric Mack is a broadcaster/journalist/editor/podcaster with 25 years of experience in media and journalism. He has contributed to numerous outlets including NPR, Forbes, CNET, Inc., PC World and many others. He was on the team that revived legacy tech media property BYTE for UBM and has helped launch other media startups including and the award-winning Warm Regards podcast. He also co-founded and secured financing for the construction of a public charter school in rural New Mexico.

He is a co-founder of JournoDAO, formerly a core member of DAOPlanet, organizer of the DAODenver conference and has contributed to Mirror, Diamond DAO, Bankless DAO, Ocean DAO, Radar, Forefront, Re-Public and Factland DAO, among others. He lives off-grid with his family outside Taos, New Mexico.

Articles from co-founder and project manager, Eric Mack

Inside the epic, decades-long battle to tame the world's most dangerous lake

Carbon positive: Turning a planetary pollutant into an asset

Keith Axline | Co-Founder & Vice President | KAxline.ETH

Keith Axline is a full-stack mobile and web developer living in Portland, OR. He had a previous 10-year career as an Editor at WIRED and Medium, but moved to working in software development full-time in 2015. At WIRED he founded Raw File, a photography blog that was regularly among the top five content silos of the website each month. He also ran the news photography department and contributed stories on music, startups, and the metaphysics of technology.

As a founding member of JournoDAO he's helped build the organization's technical infrastructure and a variety of decentralized applications to help the cause of upgrading journalism. He's the lead developer of Factland, one of JournoDAOs early incubator projects and partners and also the founder of Re-Public. Keith also contributes to KlimaDAO, DAOPlanet, Data Union DAO, Developer DAO, Ocean DAO, GenomesDAO

How Algorithms Can Set Journalism Free

Crystal Street | Founding Member & Secretary | CStreet.Eth

Crystal Street is a community builder, an academic and former freelance photojournalist and editorial/commercial multimedia producer. Her past clients included Whole Foods Market, Nissan North America, Junior Achievement, Special Olympics and many others. Her editorial work won multiple national awards including Hearst, CPOY, BoP, NCPPA and the Class of 1938 Fellowship at UNC Chapel Hill. Crystal began working professionally in crypto in 2017 as a communications director and community manager. She’s the former community manager at Unlock Protocol and an active NFT artist with a handful of collectors of her documentary NFTs.