Phase 1 Budget Overview | $50K

Step 1: Discovery and Outreach | $15K

Research the necessary and existing protocols to the build the decentralized reporting infrastructure and to conduct contributor outreach.

Step 2: Create Proof of Concept | $20K

Build the decentralized reporting infrastructure based on the research gathered in Step 1.

Step 3: Test Proof of Concept and Support Curated Climate Journalists | $15K

Testing the infrastructure built in Step 2 and provide monetary compensation for the curated climate reporters and citizen journalists contributing stories to the project.

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Project Budget Breakdown Estimates

Phase 1 Costs

Our Team

Our team is small and the founding members will play a crucial role in bringing this project to life. We have a handful of active contributors in our community who will also be participating in this project and will offer bounties to our community and the broader regen ecosystem through Wonderverse.

➡️ Please click here to see an in-depth bio on each team member listed below and learn more about our JournoDAO team.

Project Managers, Research and Curation: Eric Mack and Crystal Street

Full Stack Developer, Curation: Keith Axline

Research, Coordination, Curation and Production (if needed): Spencer Cavanaugh and John Miller